After a ‘complicated’ exit from Barcelona, Messi is dreaming of winning the Champions League with PSG.

August 12, 2021
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Lionel Messi has targeted the glory of the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain after finalizing a “complex” exit from Barcelona.

Argentina International’s 21-year association with Barca officially ended on Tuesday when it joined PSG with a third option on a two-year deal.

Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi looked set to sign a long-term deal at Camp Nou, but financial difficulties at the La Liga club forced him out the door.

Less than a week after the announcement of the departure of the 34-year-old Barca player, he was introduced as a PSG player at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday.

Looking back on a stormy week, Messi admitted that it was difficult to leave the only club he has represented in his career to this day.

Messi press conference in Paris

“It’s been a difficult time after so many years,” he told a news conference. But the moment I got here, I was very happy.

“I’m really enjoying my time in Paris and I want to start training right now, starting this new moment in my life.

“The club was very quick to negotiate. It has been a very easy process, even if it was a difficult situation. I want to thank them for resolving any issues.”

He added: “What happened to me this week was very strange. It was emotional. I can’t forget what I lived and experienced in Barcelona.

But I am anxious and ready for this new life with my family

“I was in Barcelona when the press talked about the move. The people of Paris were already out. It was incredible to see them on the streets. I want to see them in the city, in the stadium. It will be an incredible thing this year. . “

Messi left Barcelona with 672 goals and helped 265 more Catalan giants in 778 matches.

He won 35 trophies at Camp Nou, including four Champions League victories.

PSG have never won the competition, losing to Bayern Munich in the final last year and coming close to doing so, but Messi is hopeful of winning the coveted trophy again.

“I still want to play and I still want to win, as I did at the beginning of my career,” he said of his ambitions with the French giants. “The club is ready to fight for all the trophies.

Messi : “That’s my goal. I want to win titles and win. That’s why I’m here at this club. I hope we can make it possible.”

Asked specifically about PSG’s Champions League hopes, Messi said: “The team is ready. There are some new transfers, but they are close and ready to win.

“I’m just here to help. My dream is to win this trophy again and I think Paris is the best place to do that.

“Getting out of Barcelona was complicated without knowing where I was going. Barcelona has been my home since childhood.

Winning of Champions League

“I knew I would be in a strong team with the goal of winning the Champions League, which I like to win. I know that my goals and those of Paris are the same.

“It’s hard to win, you need a strong group. Fate is also a factor. Sometimes the best team in the world doesn’t win. We want to win the Champions League.”

Messi could cross paths with Barcelona in the upcoming UEFA showpiece competition in this upcoming campaign, possibly giving the superstar a chance to sign in front of his supporters at Camp Nou.

“It would be great to go back, hopefully with the fans,” Messi said. “At home, there in Barcelona, ​​it would be weird to play in another shirt, but it could happen.”

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