The most successful teams in the history of the UEFA Champions League

April 6, 2021
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How to watch UEFA champions league live streams

A short discription on How to watch UEFA champions league live streams. The UEFA Champions League is an annual club competition in Europe, founded in 1955 and known as the European Cup. 22 teams have won the European Cup so far, with Real Madrid winning the most 13 overall titles and winning five times in a row from 1955-6 to 1959-60 and returning four titles in 2016 in the last five years. 17 and 18.

Most Champions League winners – How to watch UEFA champions league live streams

European Cup Era 1955 to 1991: The European Cup and this competition only included knockout (home / away) relations with the league champions of European countries. Real Madrid won 5 back-to-back titles in the first 5 seasons and added another team in 1966 which makes them the most dominant team of all time.

Modern Age 1992 Today: It was renamed the UEFA Champions League and for the first time a group stage was added to the competition where the third or third place teams in the top leagues also participated. Can which created a lot of competition and after 1992 only Real Madrid managed to defend the title which is currently held from 2016 to 2018. So we can safely say that the titles won since 1992 are much more worthy than the “European Cup Era”. Real Madrid and Barcelona have been the two most modern circles ever since, winning the relevant 7 and 5 titles in modern times to create a new format.

Overall, the Spanish team (Real Madrid 13 and Barcelona 5) has won 18 titles, the Italian team has won it 12 times (Milan 7, Inter 3 and Juventus 2) and the English clubs have also won 12 titles (Liverpool). 5, Manchester United 3), Nottingham Forest 2, Austin Villa and Chelsea once). Before we take a look at all the historic champions, here is a list of the most successful teams in both the European Cup and the Champions League.

NO#CLUBEuropean Cup Era (1955-91)Modern Era (1992 to date)
1SpainReal Madrid(1956,57,58,59,60,66)(1998,2000,02,14,16,17,18)
2italyAC Milan(1963,69,89,90)(1994,2003,07)
3GermanyFC Bayern Munich(1974,75,76)(2001,2013)
5SpainFC Barcelona0(1992, 2006,09,11,15)
7italyInter Milan(1964,65)(2010)
8EnglandManchester United(1968)(1999, 2008)
10PortugalFC Benfica2 (1961, 62)0
11EnglandNottingham Forest2 (1979,80)
12PortugalFC Porto(1987)(2004)
14GermanyHamburg1 (1983)
15RomaniaSteaua București(1986)0
17germanyBorussia Dortmund0(1997)
20EnglandAston Villa(1982)
21hollandPSV Eindhoven(1988)0
22SerbiaRed Star Belgrade(1991)

European Cup / Champions League Trivia:

Defending titles: From the 1955-56 season to the 1991-92 season, eight teams have been able to defend their titles since the start of the European Cup, and the winning teams have been consistently registered here.

Real Madrid 5 – (1955/56 to 1959/60)

Real Madrid 3 – (2015/16 to 2017/18)

Ajax 3 – (1971/72/73)

Bayern Munich 3 – (1974/75/76)

Benfica 2 (1961/62)

Internazionale 2 – (1964/65)

Liverpool 2 – (1977/78)

Nottingham Forest 2 – (1979/80)

AC Milan 2 – (1989/90)

Runners-up: Juventus have lost more than any other team in the Champions League final on 6 different occasions. Bayern Munich and FC Benfica have lost by five. Milan and FC Barcelona have lost 4 and 3, respectively.


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