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Tottenham players have become angry and frustrated with the methods of Jose Mourinho

February 23, 2021
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Tottenham Hotspur players have become angry and frustrated with the methods of Jose Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur players are bored with the training methods employed by Jose Mourinho and want to return to the sessions organized by his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino.

Spurs are on a terrible run that has seen them score just 12 points in their last 12 Premier League games, while they have lost six of their last seven domestic matches.

London’s 2-1 derby defeat at the weekend in West Ham saw Mourinho “second to none in the world” defending his methods, but it is no longer the case that most of his squad is on board.

Jose Mourinho’s training and tactical methods

Jose Mourinho's training and tactical methods have reportedly frustrated Tottenham's players

Jose Mourinho’s training and tactical methods have reportedly left Tottenham players frustrated.

According to Athletic, Mourinho’s methods have divided the dressing room, leaving a growing number of athletes unhappy with the way he works.

The former Manchester United manager and Chelsea manager, who took over from Pochettino in November 2019, has softened the workload to the point where he wants to change the way his predecessors want players to work harder.

Pochettino will demand a double session and less than a day off, which was unpopular at the time but won four consecutive top four finals in the Champions League final, as well as minor prizes.

The Spurs are in domestic form and lost 2-1 in their first flight to West Ham United on Sunday.

Spurs are in woeful domestic form and lost 2-1 at West Ham United on Sunday in the top flight

However, in the affected season of Cowboys 19, the same methods will not be possible which has seen Tottenham play more than one of the top 40 teams since September in a tight schedule.

But the report claims that the Spurs are too focused on trying to complete their defensive game and not making mistakes, which has left many players “bored and frustrated” by the competition with Liverpool. Throw refers to the hours spent trying to defend them before or during the search. Attack against West Ham with a cross.

After paying too much attention to these types of areas, one realizes that attacking players rely on the tricks and accomplishments learned under Pochettino due to the less detailed work of attackers on the training ground.

An Athletic source told him: ‘Everything has changed, even training is now on the defensive. There are no plans to move the ball forward. The plan is to defend, to get the ball to Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, and that’s it. ‘

Some want a return to the double sessions and rare days under Mauricio Pochettino

Some want a double session and return on rare days under Mauricio Pochettino

Although Pochettino’s focus was on improving his team’s approach to attacking high-profile extremism, Mourinho’s methods are more focused on exploiting areas of weakness in the opposition.

Players are sent clips to their phones and tablets for analysis before individual meetings.

The report claims that players feel that as the game draws closer; there is a growing fear of things that could go wrong, especially with Mourinho’s insistence that his stars be cautious first and only certain situations. Take the risk myself.

The Spurs squad’s clear demands are considering Pochettino falling to Tottenham in the last 11 months in the clutch.

Despite running in the Champions League final, which saw him escape many setbacks along the way, his home form faltered and he has not won a Premier League game away from home since January this year before Mourinho arrives in November.

Spurs have laboured in attack in recent games, with Gareth Bale (left) among those struggling

The Spurs have struggled to attack in recent games, with Gareth Bale (left) among the contenders.

The players also acknowledged that Argentina’s methods had deteriorated, with even midfielder Moussa Sissoko publicly acknowledging the diamond formation, saying he was unpopular with a team with severe physical fatigue.

“When we play with a diamond midfield, we get tired very quickly,” said the Frenchman, who lost 7-2 to European side at the hands of Bayern Munich of Spurs.

By the end of Pochettino’s reign, his side was trying to create deeper defense possibilities, a situation that Mourinho now shares with Spurs.

The Portuguese looked to turn the Spurs into a major power with a tactical masterclass win in counter-attack to beat Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United earlier this season where they won 6-1. ۔